We cover a huge variety of music, ranging from classics like “Something” by The Beatles to newer songs like “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande. We are also passionate about showcasing music by women artists and women artists of color. We arrange all of our own music and perform original pieces written by our own members.

Every few years, Counterpoint releases an album, an accumulation of the hard work, love, and musicianship our group develops and hones. Check out our latest album, Close to Home, on Apple Music and Spotify! Below is a Spotify playlist of our most popular songs.

Counterpoint has released 14 studio albums:

Counterpoint (1981), Run With It (1989), Sing It, Baby! (1992), Nomansland (1996), Counterculture (1998), Ticket to Anywhere (2000), Cover Charge (2002), Studio Confessions (2004), Lights in the Rearview (2006), Belladonna (2008), Dancing Til Dawn (2010), No Turning Back (2015), A Woman Like That (2016) – EP, Close to Home (2019)